Friday, July 18, 2008

Band to Bow and Nobbie Neez Kids

Oh, my new found passion has led me to a new designer that is absolutely AMAZING, Dee at Band to Bow and Nobbie Neez Kids has some of the cutest designs I have seen. Everything you can think of for kids, moms, moms to be, grandparents, siblings, and twins. Dee is an amazing digitizer to say the least, and a very smart business woman. I have already invested in many, many, many of her designs, and her talent is honestly an inspiration. A true testament to the will of the human spirit that Dee is. Band to Bow is a market place for finished products, while Nobbie Neez Kids is the site you will find thousands of embroidery designs. She even has a yahoo group for all of Band to Bow junkies to chat and help each other. Let me WARN you, Band to Bow is ADDICTING, it should have a warning on the site that goes something like this; WARNING THE FOLLOWING SITE IS ADDICTING AND IS COULD CONSUME ALL OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! I just LOVE it. Grab a cup of coffee (you may need the whole pot) and head on over. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

here she is my new machine, its going to be here on Saturday Im so excited I can hardly contain myself.

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Machine

Well I finally made a decision on an embroidery machine. Whew its hard work parting ways with my money. I decided to go with the brother pr620, because it is portable enough to take to shows. We will be able to embroider and personalize on spot. Im so excited can't wait for it to get here. I'll post pics when I get it set up.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

up and coming,

well it has once again been crazy around our house, and time has slipped by. Where does the time go, I know it seems to be going faster the older I get. I have had some inspiration in the last flu invested weeks. I will be working on some of the cutest items us mommies. Including, check book covers, card holders, book marks, and our own koozies for those times when we actually get to relax. I am still in the process of adding the bible covers, they are in I just need to run samples to put up on the site. Also, I will be adding some of the most adorable yet practical outfits for the little girls.

I promise to get more embroidery resources up in the next day or so.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Digitizers and Designs

since we are all aware that I am not a digitizer yet, creative as I may be , I am just not there. So I would like to share some of the wonderful designers/digitizers who are really good. This week I would like to introduce you to Bunnycup Embroidery, Im not really sure How I found Mrs. Ashlea, but Im glad I did. Her designs from the heart, are nothing short of amazing. Everything you can think of for our little angels, princesses, fairies, pirates, and more. I absolutely enjoy stitching her designs, they run very efficiently with minimal jumps and trims, and perfect every time. I just can not say enough about the quality of Bunnycup Embroidery. If you have never seen her site you have to check it out, and she is even having an awesome sale this month.Visit Bunnycup Embroidery by clicking here

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

There is no such thing as Auto Digitizing

Well I know I haven't posted in awhile it has been just crazy around our house. The smallest, which my loving husband refers to as "Peel" (Im not sure I like that nickname, I prefer Darlin) has been sick and it has been breathing treatment city around here. I should post some pictures, she is even adorable sick. So I finally got some time and decided I needed to post.

I'm going to make a point to do so at least 3 times a week, I see totally Jeanne is one up on me (and a good one at that) I hear ya sister loud and clear!!!!! I'm totally in!!!! NO MORE ROLL OVER.

So down to business, I want to start sharing some valuable resources, and thought what better place than designs. I'm not sure how many people realize what a painstaking process digitizing for embroidery is. I think we look at those wonderful designs in this world of point and click and copy and paste, or even sketch and draw with the tablet. The point is, I feel that with as much clip art, and paint programs, and digital sketch stuff that there is , we mistakenly think that embroidery would be the same. How far from the truth. The process of turning digital images, scanned images and even vector art into embroidery is just that ........A PROCESS. When you have to consider stitch length, design path, density, size, layers, underlay, color changes, trims, jumps, the list goes on. On top of all of that, the whole design depends on the fabric, not all designs work on every fabric, they have to be digitized for a specific size and fabric. Also, you have to keep in mind that there are many different stitch types, fills, patterns, and that eveything can be laid out perfect, but look horrible if the stitches are going in the wrong direction!!! Whew that's a lot to grasp...... And we haven't even scratched the surface. Thats why a digitizer is worth there weight in Gold. I am learning, I am trying, Im eager, but ......I am NOT calling myself a digitizer...... Yet.

Granted, with new software coming out every day it is improving. But even with so called auto digitizing built in, I have learned the hard way THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AUTODIGITIZING.

Friday, February 1, 2008


No, I am not talking about your retirement. I am talking about that portion of your body that roll-overs your waist band. I am sure not everyone has to deal with this,but I certaintly do! Most of us have them, we just don't talk about. We dress in the dark so we don't have to see them. We buy long shirts so we can hide them. I for one am officially tired of them. Basically it is my fault and I have not right to complain. I have made a monthly donation for a gym for awhile, so I guess it is time to get busy and fight against these evil roll overs! Anyway else gain? Till next time. Totally Jeanne